What should I do if I am in a domestic violence situation and need to get out?

Please contact the police or your local domestic violence-prevention shelter immediately.

What is the goal of this campaign?

Our goal is to inspire and encourage 10,000 businesses and other moving companies around the globe to make a pledge to #MoveToEndDV and commit to working with a local shelter to donate or provide a free product or service that will aid victims of domestic violence. Together, we can #MoveToEndDV once and for all.

How can I get involved as a business owner?

Get creative and figure out how your business can make a difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence. Then, take the pledge and discover how you can help #MoveToEndDV.

What businesses have made the pledge to #MoveToEndDV?

You can visit our Difference Makers page to see the participating businesses and their individual pledge pages. If there’s a business you would like to see involved, contact the business directly or contact usand we’ll gladly reach out and encourage them to accept the challenge.

I took the pledge - now what?

Reach out to your local domestic violence shelters to find out how you can best offer your product or service to them. Discuss an agreement that works for your business and the shelter and figure out who will be facilitating the donation. We highly recommend completing a formal domestic violence training before working directly with victims or survivors.

If I’m not a business owner, what can I do to help?

There is no limit to ways in which people and businesses can contribute to the needs of victims and survivors of domestic violence. 
You can lend your voice by sharing the message, become an ambassador , or you can make a donation to the cause. We also encourage you to join the movement to stay updated on all of the happenings. We will share volunteer opportunities, advocacy opportunities, events and more, with our supporters.


Below you will find a list of FAQS related to the Meathead Mover services and their role in the #MovetoendDV.

Do you help men out of abusive situations, too?

Absolutely! Any victim, regardless of gender, is one too many, and we want to do what we can to support anyone in an untenable situation. We take our cues from our partner organizations to identify victims in need of these moves. Due to the sensitivity of these situations, specifics on these moves are not something we are able to discuss in detail.

In what areas do you offer free moving services to victims of domestic violence?

We currently offer these moves through each of our four locations in California. Our current service regions include: Central and Southern California, from Fresno to San Diego. If you or a friend are in a dangerous situation outside of our service areas, please contact us and our concierge service will provide a list of local resources.

How do you make sure someone isn’t just trying to get a free move?

Our nine partner shelters screen all victims requesting a free move. Less to make sure the situation is legitimate, but more to ensure that the victim is supported throughout the entire transition and not just on move day.

Aren’t these moves dangerous?

This is just another reason we do these moves in conjunction with established shelters. The shelters work with local law enforcement as needed and make sure that a safe house is arranged for the victim.