A story that inspired a nation has started a movement.

  • Pledger Spotlight: French Hospital Medical Center

    #MoveToEndDV is partnering with local businesses, organizations and individuals around the world who want to support victims of domestic violence by providing services or products to aid those affected by domestic abuse. With nearly 200 dedicated pledgers,… Read More

  • The Cost of Domestic Violence

    It can be difficult and scary to come out in the open to discuss what is happening behind the closed doors of your own home. The physical and emotional toll domestic violence takes on a victim is… Read More

  • Get the Facts

    Domestic violence is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to address. Did you know that 74 percent of Americans know someone who has been abused? With a majority of the U.S. population affected by domestic… Read More


    #MoveToEndDV is proud to launch its volunteer Ambassador program to provide community liaisons that empower businesses to donate products and services to local shelters. The program aims to send #MoveToEndDV-vetted Ambassadors into their communities to connect shelters… Read More

  • Ambassador Spotlight: Amanda

    Amanda was the first Ambassador to join #MoveToEndDV. Amanda encouraged her employer to take the pledge, before realizing that she wanted to be involved on a larger scale. From there, she partnered with The Women’s Shelter Program San… Read More

  • Ambassador Spotlight: Rochelle

    Rochelle is #MoveToEndDV’s first out-of-state Ambassador, servicing the needs of shelters in Pennsylvania. With a passion for philanthropy, she also founded Peace+Love. In partnership with her nonprofit, Rochelle hopes to bring on new business pledgers to Pennsylvania and beyond! Read More

  • Pledger Spotlight: US Storage Centers

    #MoveToEndDV is continuing to gain partnerships with local businesses, organizations and individuals who want to support victims of domestic violence by providing their services or products to aid those in need. With more than 150 dedicated pledgers,… Read More

  • Corporate Sponsors: How Your Company Can Support #MoveToEndDV

    In order to better support our mission to prevent domestic violence globally, #MoveToEndDV is seeking corporate sponsors. A #MoveToEndDV sponsorship is a prime opportunity for two organizations to collaborate together on behalf of domestic violence victims and… Read More

  • Calling All Volunteers: Seeking Ambassadors To Help End Domestic Violence

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new Ambassador Program! Our Ambassador Program was started with the goal of connecting businesses in every community with local domestic violence shelters, to lower overhead costs and ensure… Read More

  • Pledger Spotlight: SLO Safe Ride

    The #MoveToEndDV campaign was founded on the hope that individuals, businesses and organizations would join together to donate products and services to victims of domestic violence. With nearly 150 dedicated pledgers, we think it’s important to shine… Read More