The mission of MTEDV is to eradicate domestic violence by improving access to shelters and services for victims and survivors.

We are seeking passionate volunteers to join our Ambassador Program. #MoveToEndDV Ambassadors are on the front lines of connecting local shelters to businesses that are looking to give back.

What does an ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors are critical to the success of our mission, reaching out to local shelters to request a Wish List of Needs to help lower their overhead costs.

Ambassadors then identify businesses that are able and willing to provide those products or services at no-cost.

Ambassadors facilitate the relationship between the Business Pledger and Shelter, ensuring that everything continues to run as smoothly as possible.

Ambassadors provide updates to MTEDV to report on the success of the program.

Become an Ambassador now! It's easy:

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    Fill out the online application below

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    Participate in a screening interview

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    MoveToEndDV will provide you with training

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    Begin your outreach as an official MoveToEndDV

Become an Ambassador

Are you a shelter or business looking to connect with an Ambassador in your area?

Current Ambassadors:
Name Location
Amanda San Luis Obispo County, CA Contact me now
Vicky San Luis Obispo County, CA Contact me now
Jen Long Beach, CA Contact me now
Rochelle Pennsylvania Contact me now
Emily Ventura County, CA Contact me now
Laura Los Angeles, CA Contact me now
Angela Morro Bay, CA Contact me now
Ashlyn Myrtle Beach, SC Contact me now
Beth Ventura, CA Contact me now
Margaret Waterford, MI Contact me now
Monica Oroville, CA Contact me now
Norma Green Pointe Woods, MI Contact me now
Pam Adair, OK Contact me now

Don't see an ambassador in your area, and need to connect with #MoveToEndDV?

Ambassador Spotlight:

San Luis Obispo County, CA